ADCS - New Issue, "Art & Anarchy"

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From Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies

We are very pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies(ADCS) entitled "Art & Anarchy" and edited by Allan Antliff (2011.2). This issue brings anarchist scholarship into a relationship with works of art that encompass music, virtual architecture and urban design, film, poetics, prose, dance/performance, the visual arts (including sculpture, painting, photography, installation, graphics), the economics of art production, and aesthetics.


ADCS is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of new and emerging connections across disciplines in contemporary anarchist studies. We publish articles, reviews/debates, announcements and unique contributions that (1) adopt an anarchist standpoint with regards to analyses of language, discourse, culture and power; (2) investigate or incorporate various facets of anarchist thought and practice from a non-anarchist standpoint, and; (3) investigate or incorporate elements of non-anarchist thought and practice from the standpoint of traditional anarchist thought.

We encourage you to support our project by purchasing hard copies from our publisher/distributor, Little Black Cart. These journals have the presence of a book, are beautifully designed, and rigorously edited, proofed, and typeset. The newest issue comes with a cover designed in collaboration with one of the artists discussed within, Kika Thorne, as well as a fold-out of the musical composition discussed by Allan Antliff and Wolf Edwards in their chapter "Ruins for Violoncello Quartet" (audio of the piece will be available in the web issue for the coming month). You may also request copies for your local bookstore, infoshop, university library, and so on (thank you!).

All content is freely available at, with no more than a one month delay for new issues. The table of contents for the current issue is listed below as well as information on where to purchase hard copies.

Happy New Year from ADCS!



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For bulk discounts or other inquiries contact Duane(dot)Rousselle(at) unb(dot)ca