Portrait de Duane Rousselle

Call for Submissions: CFP: Special Issue on The Anarchist Canon / Blasting the Canon

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Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies

Call for papers: Special Issue on The Anarchist Canon/Blasting the Canon

Flowers For the Fallen: Joel Olson, 1967-2012

The North American Anarchist is deeply saddened by the loss of esteemed activist, writer, scholar, and comrade Joel Olson, who passed away while on sabbatical in Europe.

Puerto Rican NAASN Members Start Infoshop!


After the conference, a group of us decided to start a new project in which we could further distribute and create ideas.  Because of a lack of good community spaces in Puerto Rico we are going to open an infoshop where we can create networks and relationships between ourselves and the local community.

Welcome New Members!

The NAASN celebrates its fourth year of existence (we were conceived in 2008!) by welcoming several new members from across North America. Our new comrades represent a variety of diverse interests and backgrounds, including, but not limited to, anthropology, art history, comparative literature, sociology, philosophy, law, and history. We're happy to have you! 

An Interview with the Comité Organizador de la 3ra Conferencia Anual de la NAASN, Puerto Rico

On organizing the conference

Q Interest in having Puerto Rico host this conference began a long time ago – I know that in Toronto last year the idea was certainly floated around, and people on the listserv began suggesting it immediately afterwards. What was the initial reaction to the idea among Puerto Rican anarchists? Who picked up and ran with the idea in the early stages?


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