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Call for Papers - 4th Annual North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference, New Orleans, LA, 4-6 January 2013

New Orleans to host 4th Annual North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference, January 4-6, 2013

The North American Anarchist Studies Network apparently doesn't know any better than to schedule its blockbuster fourth annual conference in NEW ORLEANS, recently voted "North America's Most Distracting City" by readers of Actuary Magazine.

Hundreds or perhaps millions of students, academics, independent scholars, and activists who have in common an intellectual interest in anarchism will descend on scenic Central City, centered in & around the Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center at 1618 OC Haley Blvd, for a dazzlingly wide range of activities & programming ranging from from dissertations to dessert stations.

The lineup of conference presentations and lectures can be seen at but there's also going to be a big Friday night to-do, beginning with an opening 6pm plenary discussing anarchism through New Orleans history ( Reclus! Dejacque! Day! Burroughs! Slave Revolts! Pirates! Voodoo! ), followed by wonderful live poetry, a tribute to the life & works of Helen Hill, a presentation by Seth Tobocman of "Disaster & Resistance" and then LIVE, LOCAL MUSIC by acts so big we're not allowed to name them in this press release.

Throughout the weekend there will be free radical history tours, meals from the New Orleans Community Kitchen Collective, childcare courtesy of the Crescent City Childcare Collective, and an ongoing exhibition of books, arts & other goodies at an honest-to-gosh ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR & EXPO featuring The Iron Rail Book Collective, AK Press, Food Not Bombs, The NOLA Free School, PM Press, Earth First! & the Black Panther Party Alumni Committee.

Registration for all this fun and learning is open & ongoing! It'll be available on-site as well as (soon) on-line & costs $15-$25 or whatever you feel capable of paying-- but if you have nice teeth and no calluses on your hands, please don't try and play like you don't have money. You totally have money.

Ladies, gentlemen & New Orleanians all along the gender spectrum & beyond, please for your own sake do not pass up this rewarding opportunity to scrutinize and show your children actual living anarchist academics. They may seem more like other academics than they do like other anarchists, or they may not. Will any work be done? Are these sorts of professional "conferences" anything more than opportunities for marital infidelity? YOU, dear reader, are invited to come find out for yourself !!

See everything, everything at, and we hope to see YOU there for the conference!