Decades in the Struggle: A Multimedia History Project

For some time I and a few colleagues have bandied about the idea of collecting interviews (filmed, recorded, transcribed...), autobiographical statements, photographs, etc. from older anarchists--individuals who have been involved in the anarchist movement in various capacities since the 1970s or earlier. Part of the inspiration here is, of course, Paul Avrich's important work, but we have also taken a cue from more recent endeavors such as the incredible Anarchism: A Documentary, to which this project could serve as a complement.

Such a project, if seriously undertaken, would require the collaboration of several individuals. Anyone who has the time, inclination, or ability to record or film interviews, take photographs, solicit written autobiographical statements, etc. is welcomed and encouraged to participate. For the time being I think this would work best as an ongoing, crowdsourced, online project. We can easily host it on for now, although depending on the level of interest a dedicated website could be set up in the future.


If you are interested in participating on either end of the process, please contact me with specific ideas at nathan.jun [at]


ADDENDUM: Having never undertaken an oral history project before, I am not entirely sure what sorts of questions would be appropriate, worthwhile, interesting to ask. At minimum, however, I would be interested to know (a) how the interviewee discovered anarchism or became involved in the anarchist movement; (b) what sorts of projects the interviewee has been involved in throughout his/her time in the movement; (c) how the interviewee defines, understands, conceptualizes, etc, anarchism; (d) how the interviewee feels about the past, present, and future of anarchism. Other ideas are welcome.


In solidarity,