"What is Anarchist Studies?" - ADCS 2014.0

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I would like to announce the publication of an experimental "virtual" issue of Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies. You can view the issue by using the following link: http://anarchist-developments.org/index.php/adcs_journal/issue/view/7
This issue includes a collection of 3-10 minute videos of anarchist studies scholars spontaneously (or very near spontaneously) answering the question: "What is Anarchist Studies?" It also includes an interview conducted by Nathan Jun with three French anarchist studies scholars.
These videos were shot using the participants own cell phone camera or computer webcam.
We encourage you to contribute by tweeting or facebooking your own answer to the question. You can do so by creating your own video or by writing your own response. All you have to do is add the hashtag: #WhatIsAnarchistStudies
We will feature some responses on our twitter feed, our facebook page, and, in some cases we may even add your video to the special issue itself.
Duane Rousselle