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NAASN Conference X: Emergent Horizons (Atlanta GA)

Poster for NAASN 2019: pencil drawn images of climbing over chainlink fence; hand cutting a flowering plant; the law afire.
From May 31st to June 2nd 2019, the North American Anarchist Studies Network is holding its 10th conference at the Little 5 Points Community Center (1083 Austin Ave NE) in Atlanta, GA.
NAASN is a network of academics and non-academics engaged in the production of knowledge within and outside of institutional walls. Our work encourages the breaking down of the barriers between disciplines, as well as those between the academic, non-academic, and anti-academic. From the streets to the lectern, we encourage all those interested in the praxis of anarchism or anarchists to attend this conference.
This year’s conference theme, Emergent Horizons, presents thought and discussion that critically examines and encourages projects of world building and social transformation. Horizons are both the limit of perception and the referential lines that orient movement and geography. In the same manner, projects of social and political change have aspirational goals of building new worlds and new realities. In following this theme, this year’s conference invites us to think through and beyond the limits of what we as scholars, activists, and militants perceive of and comprehend as revolutionary struggle in the past, present, and future. How is resistance and resilience taking shape? What are the contours of the worlds we live in? How can we expand our perceptions and practices to shape our present and imagine our futures? In short, what is on the horizon?
You can find the full program here. About 30 presentations will take place over the weekend that include revolutionary thinkers, academics, media projects, and movements.
We are looking for donations from anyone who has the financial capacity to help fund the conference. The suggested donation is $15 for the weekend, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. We are just trying to cover the cost of renting the space for the weekend. You can donate via the GoFundMe fundraiser page. If you cannot donate large amounts, don’t worry--everything matters.
See you soon!
The 2019 NAASN Organizing Committee 

Atlanta, GA